How to Get Delivery

Software Kart is the certified resellers and affiliate partners of the software production company. There is no any software produce by the company itself.

In the online portal of software kart, you get the price, discount according to the company policies in the product detail page. If you buy any product from this portal then, you can get the product by online downloading without any extra changes.


There are following ways for getting the item from software kart:

  • The Download is Free

    When you have bought a product from software kart, then the totally free. It means there’s no need to pay any extra changes for downloading the product.

  • Payment Gateway Process

    If you are looking to make payment after buy an item, then software kart has a complete separate process for this, which are as follows:

    • Firstly, after select a process, you will get an order id on every order which provide help you in the delivery and also solve on other issues

    • After selecting the item, you can make payment through Avangate, my commerce, Regnow, cj payment gateways.

    • After making payment you will get the confirmation mail on your registered email id about your payment information with a transaction id.

    • After payment confirmation, you will get one more email from our side, which contain product license key and some other important information about the product.

  • Product Delivery Issue

    If you have any issue regarding product’s delivery, then software kart has the total separate process for solving the particular issue about the product, which are as follows:

    • If you have any issue about the product or its delivery then firstly, it is compulsory that you must send your order id with your issue on our email id or production company support’s email id.

    • Your problem solved out within 24 hours of your complaint.

  • Security

    Software Kart is totally has secure way of starting from payment to product delivery in following ways:

    • Software Kart uses the complete secure payment gateway.

    • Software Kart uses its own downloading link, no other delivery way, which is also a completely secure way.

Note: -

Every software production company has its own policy. Some companies send product license key with the payment confirmation email and also companies send it via another email. So, it totally depends on the company policy.

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