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WindowsWindow Vista, Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10

Version 9.0.0
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Author Name Update Star
Utilities & operating systems Driver Update Software
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When and how to use UpdateStar Drivers?


Outdated drivers can cause security and performance problems on your computer. Below you can find typical problems caused by outdated drivers and which can be fixed by updating your device drivers:


  1. Prevents and fixes blue screens (BSOD) on your computer caused by drivers problems
  2. Prevents and fixes error messages displayed error messages on your computer you do not understand
  3. Prevents and fixes sound problems on your computer and/or speakers
  4. Prevents and fixes video playing problems
  5. Prevents and fixes webcam problems when webcam is not working properly
  6. Prevents and fixes printer problems when printer is not correctly recognized by your computer
  7. Prevents and fixes monitor display problems when monitor does not display graphics properly
  8. Prevents and fixes 3D animation rendering problems
  9. Prevents and fixes input devices, which do not function properly, such as such as your joystick, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and others


To prevent and solve many problems, you often need to download and install updated device drivers. But not just any driver will do. UpdateStar Drivers delivers exactly the drivers that suit your computer and system.


Provides driver updates for these devices


  1. Acer
  2. ASUS
  3. BenQ
  4. Brother
  5. Canon
  6. Compaq
  7. Drivers  Dell
  8. Fujitsu
  9. Hewlett Packard
  10. IBM
  11. Intel
  12. Lenovo
  13. LG
  14. Logitech
  15. NEC
  16. Panasonic
  17. Realtek
  18. Samsung

Supports more than 163,000 devices       Monitors 3,000 hardware device manufacturers.

UpdateStar Drivers optimizes your computer performance and experience with a powerful driver management. Device drivers are software programs that communicate between your computer and your hardware devices. It is important that you use only the most recent drivers on your computer.

It lets you update, backup and restore drivers automatically. UpdateStar Drivers analyzes your system drivers and recommends available drivers for your system. Our driver database contains tens of thousands of device drivers for hardware devices such as motherboards, web cams, printers, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, keyboards, and many more.

  1. No more wasted time trying to find device drivers
  2. No more frustrations at not being able to find the exact drivers you need
  3. No more need to become a computer expert to find and download drivers
  4. No more fear about installing the wrong driver, crashing your computer
  5. No need to live with device problems caused by faulty drivers


Update your drivers the smart way


UpdateStar Drivers analyzes your computer and searches for available driver updates in our database with tens of thousands of device drivers available. It automatically detects which drivers need an update and provides reliable downloads. You can backup your existing drivers and install the driver updates.

Top reasons why our users use UpdateStar Drivers

  1. New! Easy to use interface scans, downloads, updates and installs drivers on your computer
  2. Enhanced! Accurately detects your computer brand and model, plus all connected hardware devices, including unplugged devices such as USB webcams, MP3  players.
  3. Enhanced! The database supports more than 163,000 hardware devices
  4. Our reliable database service is maintained by automated crawlers, electronic driver file analysis, and manual reviews before new driver files are added to our   database
Name : Update Star
Website : http://client.updatestar.com/
Support email : support@updatestar.com

Publisher info :

What is UpdateStar? Trusted by 10 million active users of our products and services each month [December 2015], our products allow users to securely backup their data on our server facilities, receive updates for their software and device drivers and maintain their computers in good shape. Headquartered in Berlin our mission is to deliver essential software Made in Germany to home users as well as corporate users. UpdateStar provides users with software update information for millions of installations every day. The UpdateStar software search engine additionally offers users access to our database with more than 1,683,000 software products.

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97% of all computer problems are caused by missing, corrupt or outdated device drivers. The new UpdateStar Drivers 8 solves these problems and provides you with individual device driver updates.The brand-new and improved version 8 now accurately scans your computer and provides driver updates for 163,000 hardware devices.

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